‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ confirmed with an Imperial Walker

Star Wars Battlefront

Electronic Arts just confirmed the existence of Star Wars: Battlefront with a seconds-long trailer featuring the massive metal foot of the four-legged AT-AT Imperial Walker. We know it’s a DICE game, the studio behind the Battlefield series. And… that’s it. Honestly, that’s all they’ve told us. The Electronic Arts partnership with the newly Disney-owned Lucasfilm was announced just recently, so this one’s probably still in its earliest development days.

For those who need a refresher, the Battlefront series has traditionally been a multiplayer-driven shooter played from a third-person perspective. There’s a mixture of on-foot and vehicular play, which suits DICE rather well. Nothing’s been confirmed about this new chapter of Battlefront, so any of these elements could change in the next-gen. Expect more in the way of improvements than wholesale changes, however; DICE is perfectly suited already to the sort of play that Battlefront traditionally offers.