Steam’s annual Holiday Sale is now offering deep discounts until January 2

steam summer sale

Steam’s annual Holiday Sale is now open, offering deep discounts ranging across the whole catalog from now until January 2, 2015. Throughout the sale, users have access to a rolling selection of daily featured deals, special offers rotating every 12 hours, and a selection of three community-chosen games which collect votes every 24 hours. Games are available for a wide range of tastes, encompassing everything from intense action to meditative strategy, from gripping narratives to deep simulations.

At the time of this writing, games such as Metal Gear Solid V: Ground ZeroesCivilization: Beyond Earth, and Rocksmith 2014 are available with discounts ranging from 33-percent to a whopping 85-percent off. Much like Steam’s infamous Summer Sale, the selection of available games will rotate continually until the sale ends, encouraging people to check back regularly.

Go forth, good luck, and spend responsibly.