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Sunset Overdrive comes out October 28

sunset overdrive comes october 28 e3 amusement jpg

Insomniac Games has confirmed that Sunset Overdrive will launch exclusively for Xbox One on October 28. The presentation also confirmed that the game will include an eight-player co-op mode called Chaos Squad where you can mow down mutants with your friends. 

The colorful, irreverent, third-person shooter was announced earlier this year and promises to upend the stagnant cloud of grit and gloom that has settled over so many AAA games. In fact, the intro trailer that started the game’s E3 presentation explicitly made fun of modern shooters, opening on a grizzled soldier crouching behind a crate from masked terrorists before Sunset Overdrive‘s punk protagonist breezes past with a sly wink (“Cover-based mechanic?”) and joyously runs, jumps, and grinds around the room to take out the enemies with pizazz.

The gameplay footage shows off Sunset Overdrive‘s high-momentum fun as the player grinds and bounces his way across a carnival while blowing up mutants with a gun that launches fireworks. Combos and style rewards pop up throughout, really underlining how much the game looks like Tony Hawk Pro Skater with guns and mutants.

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