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Two story add-ons and a selection of bonus guns coming to Sunset Overdrive

sunset overdrive season pass announced e3 propain launcher
Insomniac Games has shared details of its Season Pass for Sunset Overdrive‘s downloadable content. The open world, third-person action extravaganza coming exclusively to Xbox One, and the Pass — effectively a pre-order for upcoming DLC — tacks an additional $20 onto the cost of the game. It amounts to a 20-percent savings compared to buying each DLC pack individually.

The Season Pass includes the first three expansions, as well as six outfits, two amps (character upgrades), and two traps exclusive to Season Pass holders. Everything other than the three full expansions that are the meat of the Season Pass will be available at launch.

Of the three packs, two campaign add-ons will bring a bevy of new locations, missions, and bosses to expand your free-running adventures. That’s in addition to new objectives for the co-op Chaos Squad mode. The Weapons Pack bolsters your arsenal with four new weapons, undoubtedly with Insomniac’s flair for over-the-top design.

Sunset Overdrive will hit Xbox One on October 28.

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