Tacoma is the next game from the team behind Gone Home, and it’s coming in 2016

Tacoma. That’s the title of the next game from The Fullbright Company, the small, Portland, Ore.-based team behind Digital Trends’ 2013 Game of the Year winner, Gone Home. The first trailer, which you can see above, doesn’t show a whole lot, but it does confirm one thing: Tacoma is due to arrive in 2016.

The remainder of the appropriately cryptic trailer features what appears to be an airlock door cycling open, revealing a spacious hallway featuring arched doorways, wood-and-brass trimmings, and a glass ceiling looking out on a star-filled sky. It’s also worth noting that, despite the brightly lit surroundings and lived-in atmosphere, gravity appears to be turned off.

The camera tracks slowly into the space, moving forward to focus on an etched-glass sign: “Welcome to Lunar Transfer Station Tacoma,” it reads, with the words “A Virgin-Tesla Facility” in smaller letters below.

Not much to go on there, but 2016 is a long way off. What’s more, Fullbright will probably keep a lot of key details held back all the way through if Gone Home is anything to go by.

You can sign up for future Tacoma updates on the game’s official website right here.