Gollum is ready for his closeup with Shadow of Mordor’s new photo mode

talion ready closeup shadow mordors new photo mode of mordor

Developer Monolith Productions has given Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gamers a pleasant surprise with Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor’s new photo mode, added in a recent update (via Eurogamer). The mode allows you to pause the action at any time and move the camera around to capture stills. The feature also lets you apply filters, frames, and even adjust depth of field. YouTuber Avialence recorded a great summary of the feature:

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Photo mode is now available for PS4 and Xbox One as a 600-700MB update. There is no word yet on whether the feature will come to the PC release. PC gamers are of course generally better-equipped to take screenshots of their games, but the camera controls would be a boon to aspiring virtual photographers on any platform. While not game-changing, this is a nice feature that takes advantage of the new console’s power and differentiates it from previous platforms.

We’ve included below a sample of what people have come up with in photo mode so far, culled from Reddit:

shadow of mordor photo 1
shadow of mordor photo 2
shadow of mordor photo 3