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‘The Bureau: XCOM Declassified’ DLC explores ‘Hangar 6 R&D’ next week on Xbox 360

the bureau xcom declassified dlc hangar 6 rd xbox 360

The first significant piece of post-release downloadable content for The Bureau: XCOM Declassified is an Xbox 360 exclusive, as 2K Games previously confirmed, and we now know a few things about it thanks to an update from the publisher. The Hangar 6 R&D DLC offers up a bit of action set before the events of the main game, with XCOM Declassified secondary character Nico DaSilva leading a squad as part of a psychic experiment. From the look of the screens, the new content is built around the idea of pitting players against big challenges in contained battle arenas.

2K’s reveal is light on specific details, but it seems that DaSilva will come packing some new abilities based on his bomb-based abilities from the main game. It appears that the DLC is also meant for high-level play, as you’ll apparently start things off with “enough experience to level up a couple of agents of every class.” On top of all that, Hangar 6 R&D also adds the new AK-47 and Microwave Gun weapons. It’s coming to Xbox 360 on October 8, for $4.99.

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