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The Legend of Zelda celebrates its 25th anniversary today

legend-of-zelda-25th-anniversaryOne of gaming’s most enduring and inspiring franchises, Zelda, turns 25 years old today. On Feb. 21, 1986 Nintendo released the original Legend of Zelda on the Famicom (NES) in Japan. On that day, gamers got their first chance to pick up the Master Sword and kill Octoroks on an epic quest to save Princess Zelda from the clutches of the evil beast, Ganon.

Since it’s inception, the series has been a consistent best-seller around the world, with its 17 installments selling more than 59 million copies.

With the exception of three Zelda games released by Phillips for its CD-i system in the early 1990s, every Legend of Zelda game has been a critical and commercial success thanks to the series’ constant ability to reinvent itself using new art styles and gameplay. However, it’s focus on adventure, exploration, and unique puzzle-solving has continually remained intact. Every Zelda game’s story also ties in with the complete legend of the series, though creator Shigeru Miyamoto and director Eiji Aunoma have continually refused to share the complete timeline of the series.

Currently, Nintendo is working on a new game in the series, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii), and a 3D remake of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the 3DS. Skyward Sword is said to release sometime later this year and is said to be one of Nintendo’s largest departures yet for the series, offering more motion control and new types of gameplay.

What is your favorite Zelda game?

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Bethesda finally confirms that Hi-Fi Rush is coming to PS5
Key art for Hi-Fi Rush.

Microsoft and Bethesda finally confirmed that Hi-Fi Rush is going multiplatform. In particular, it was announced that the rhythm action game is coming to the PS5 next month.

Rumors of Hi-Fi Rush going multiplatform began in January, spurring some discourse about a change in Microsoft's first-party strategy. Although Xbox eventually addressed the concerns in a February 15 podcast, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer would not say then if Hi-Fi Rush was one of the games; instead, he only teased that four games were going multiplatform and that the announcements were coming soon. During the Nintendo Direct: Partner Showcase this morning, we learned that Obsidian Entertainment's Pentiment and Grounded were coming to Nintendo Switch on February 22 and April 16, respectively.

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Sea of Thieves confirmed for PS5 as Xbox details multiplatform rollout
Enemies in Sea of Thieves

Microsoft has finally laid out when people can expect Sea of Thieves, Hi-Fi Rush, Pentiment, and Grounded to go fully multiplatform.

On Wednesday morning, Pentiment and Grounded were confirmed for Nintendo Switch during the February Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase, and Hi-Fi Rush's PS5 release date leaked shortly thereafter. After all that, Microsoft put out an Xbox Wire post detailing which four of its Xbox console-exclusive games will go multiplatform and when they will do so. Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer previously refused to do so during a podcast confirming Xbox's multiplatform plans on February 15.

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Everything you need to know about Nintendo Switch Online
Person holding Nintendo Switch, looking at the home screen.

Much like Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, the Nintendo Switch makes it easy to jump online and play with friends. The service, known simply as Nintendo Switch Online, has seen big changes over the years, and it now offers plenty more than access to online multiplayer. One of the biggest draws is its growing collection of games from N64, NES, and other iconic platforms -- making Nintendo Switch Online a great way to access the best titles from past generations.

Nintendo offers a few different options when it comes to paying for Nintendo Switch Online, with both individual accounts and family accounts up for grabs. From its library of retro games to a smartphone application and special offers, here's a complete look at Nintendo Switch Online.
Individual/family subscription models

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