Prepare your power strips: ‘The Surge 2’ is coming to consoles and PC in 2019

the surge 2 announced surge2
Deck13’s The Surge was an underrated gem from 2017, blending Dark Souls-like mechanics with a unique limb-targeting combat system and a gritty science-fiction setting. It appears to have been a success for the studio and publisher Focus Home Interactive, as the two companies are moving forward on a sequel.

The Surge 2 keeps what fans and critics loved about the original — hardcore combat utilizing a unique, dynamic limb-targeting system and deep character progression — while also expanding greatly upon the formula,” Focus Home Interactive said in the announcement. “The Surge 2 takes place in a brand new environment: A sprawling, devastated city with larger and more ambitious level design, made possibly by Deck13’s expanded limb-targeting system.”

The first game drew some criticism for its homogeneous environments. Taking place entirely within a corporation’s headquarters, the areas had a tendency to blend together with their similar colors and rooms. It could make navigating back to previous areas a bit of a chore, though the game did use the looping structure seen in From Software’s projects.

Focus Home Interactive also said the game will feature more customization option for weapons, implants, abilities, and drone sidekicks, as well as an “array of diverse new enemies and bosses.” These were fairly limited in 2017’s game, with players most fighting against humans in exo-suits and a few different types of robots, and only a few bosses were actually included.

Still, The Surge actually managed to make some elements of its Souls-like structure less frustrating. A typical Dark Souls game forces the player to find specific objects scattered throughout the world in order to level up armor or health items. In The Surge, these can usually be acquired by defeating particular enemies, so your focus is on the screen in front of you instead of a walkthrough guide. Any acquired scrap — the game’s version of souls — can also be “banked” by returning to a medical station, so it isn’t lost for good in the event that you’re killed.

The Surge 2 will be coming to consoles and PC in 2019, though Focus Home didn’t specify which consoles. We’re crossing our fingers for a Switch version and more information will be given during the publisher’s “Le What’s Next de Focus” event on February 7 and 8.


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