There’s an easy way to get raid loot in Destiny’s new Dark Below DLC

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Destiny‘s first downloadable content pack, The Dark Below, introduces a new six-player raid in “Crota’s End.” The elaborate, multi-hour mission is a puzzle of sorts, meant to be solved using a mix of skill, cooperation, and deductive reasoning. The reward: Sweet, sweet raid loot.

Getting there is no easy feat, of course, but there’s one chest in Crota’s End that anyone, even a solo player, can get their hands on, with minimal danger. You can only get it once per week, and there’s a good chance that future patches will make it harder to access… but it’s open season for now!

Here’s how to get it: First, fire up the raid. Stand on the large, round plate that you spawn in front of and wait for the entrance to the Hellmouth to open. Drop down through the hole that opens to start the raid proper and you find yourself in the lit-up center of a room shrouded in shadow.

Look out into the darkness to spot a cylindrical apparatus with white, glowing light inside it. Walk toward it, turning and face left just before you reach the apparatus. If you see a glowing orange light hanging in the darkness, just above head level, you’ve hit jackpot. If you see no orange light, continue forward toward the apparatus and let the monsters there kill you.

Repeat the process until the orange light appears. When you walk over to it, you’ll note that it’s just above a door that opens automatically as you approach. If the light is on, there’s a chest behind the door. If you don’t see a light, it’s just an empty room. The whole process shouldn’t take more than 10 or 15 minutes.

Check out the video below to see what you’re looking for on a successful chest run. Also: You may notice some weird things happening with your character, like the sudden inability to use special jumps. That’s part of the raid, and a guide for a different day.

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