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Titanfall: IMC Rising DLC is now available

The third and final downloadable content add-on for TitanfallIMC Rising, is now available on Xbox One and Origin. Like the previous DLC packs Expedition and Frontier’s EdgeIMC Rising adds three new maps to challenge your wall-running and robot-piloting skills.

Backwater is a hidden bootlegging facility with varying height across a lot of open terrain for all-out Titan-on-Titan warfare. Underground grain tunnels and raised railways provide alternate routes for pilots to make their way around the battlefield and strike from above or below while the Titans rage across the open fields. Zone 18 is a secretive IMC robotics facility that contrasts a close-quarters interior with the open sight lines of the roof. Lastly, Sand Trap is a fuel supply depot that has open above ground zones that favor Titans, while narrow chasms allow deft pilots to navigate below at the risk of falling into the fuel reservoirs.

Titanfall: IMC Rising is available now for $10 by itself, or as part of a season pass for $25 which includes all three DLC packs released to date.

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