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Titanfall Mythbusters asks: What exactly can a falling Titan crush?

titanfall mythbusters

Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall is subjected to the Mythbusters treatment in the inaugural episode of Titanfall Mythbusters, compliments of YouTuber DefendTheHouse. Hit play to have some of your pressing questions about the game answered. A few of those hard hitting questions include: Is it possible to melee smack the AI-controlled flying critters? Does a well-placed falling Titan destroy an evac ship? Can I use Vortex Shields to play ping-pong with missiles?

(Spoiler alert: The answers are No, Sometimes, and Yes.)

DefendTheHouse has no relation to the Mythbusters TV series, but the YouTuber does have a series of videos tagged with the title designed to answer random questions about popular games. Previous targets include Grand Theft Auto V, Halo 4, and multiple Call of Duty games, among others. You might not walk away with any workable strategies after watching this, but at least you’ll see Titanfall being bent and distorted in wacky, unexpected ways.

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