Titanfall’s Prestige-like Generations reportedly comes with an XP boost

titanfalls prestige like generations reportedly comes xp boost titanfall screen 3

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Titanfall will reportedly feature a Prestige-like mode called Generations, awarded to players who choose to reset their multiplayer progression after hitting the game’s level cap. A newly revealed Xbox Achievements list (fear not; no spoilers there) includes unlocks for reaching both the second Pilot generation and the highest Pilot generation (believed to be 10), but additional details on how the stats reset works come from the latest data-minded infodump following Respawn Entertainment’s recent PC/Xbox One beta test.

This Reddit post shows what appears to be the Generations confirmation screen that all players will see before they reset their stats. Assuming the info is accurate, those who choose to start over with their multiplayer progression lose all unlocks and challenges as their level is reset to 1, though any collected Burn Cards are retained. A second Generation pilot is identified as such in the game, and he or she also receives experience points at an accelerated 110-percent rate. It is believed that each new reset bumps that XP bonus up by another 10 percent.

The data leak also reveals a handful of other details about the game, including a previously unrevealed multiplayer mode and the fact that some maps feature interactive components like ziplines and turrets. The game has officially gone “gold” – meaning the code is finalized and likely being burned onto large numbers of retail discs as you read this – and will be coming to PC and Xbox One on March 11. An Xbox 360 release will follow on March 25.