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Ubisoft exec Tommy François was fired from company, didn’t resign

Tommy François, Ubisoft’s vice president of editorial and creative services, was fired from the company and did not leave of his own volition.

“François was fired following the results of a misconduct investigation,” a source at Ubisoft told Digital Trends.

He was initially suspended without pay. He received no financial settlement and he forfeited any shares in the company that were “not already granted.” Ubisoft recently hired outside global consulting firm Accenture to conduct an investigation of its employees.

François’ firing leaves three open positions for vice presidents in the company’s editorial department. One is for previous departure Maxime Béland, and one was previously open.

Ubisoft is “actively recruiting and prioritizing candidates that come from diverse backgrounds or underrepresented groups,” the source said.  “I think we’ve recognized this is going to take time and that we’re at the beginning of the path but we’ve made some good progress.”

It was initially reported that François left last week, following a report by Business Insider outlining complaints from former and current employees about his behavior.

François would allegedly talk about how female employees looked and also send inappropriate messages. During a 2016 business trip to Montreal, he reportedly discussed masturbating. François had a hand in some of the company’s biggest franchises, including Far Cry, Watchdogs, and Assassin’s Creed.

He’s the latest in a string of departures in the company over allegations of misconduct, and a company culture that didn’t hold executives accountable for their actions.

Ubisoft chief creative officer Serge Hascoet recently resigned over allegations of sexual impropriety, and Montreal studio head Yannis Mallat was replaced by longtime executive Christophe Derennes.

“Derennes has immense expertise in production management in his 25 years with Ubisoft and has been a source of daily support for development teams in the creation of our games and helped make them into the great successes of which we are all proud,” Ubisoft said in a statement at the time.

Human resources head Cécile Cornet is also gone.

Employees at the company are welcoming of recent changes and eager to move forward, the source said.

I think people have a lot of pride working at Ubisoft and they want that to continue.” 

Here’s everything Google didn’t announce at the Pixel Fall Launch event
Pixel slate in use.

At Google’s Fall Pixel Launch event, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro were the highlights of the show. We also saw other announcements like Pixel Pass, which gives you regular upgrades, a subscription to Google Play Pass, and an extended warranty on your Pixel phone, as well as a new and more powerful Pixel charging stand.

What we didn’t see are a few products in need of an update or brand-new devices in certain spaces like wearables. This doesn’t mean we won’t see these products sometime in the future, but they just won’t be coming now. Here’s what Google didn’t announce at the fall Pixel launch event.
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Apple didn’t build USB-C into the iPhone, so this guy did instead
apple iphone usb c mod charging

Thw new iPhone 13 is here, and Apple fans are still stuck with the old Lightning port (at least for now). Apple's stubbornness to switch has led to much digital ink being spilled, but an engineering student has chosen to actually do something about it. With a lot of determination, he replaced the iPhone X's Lightning connector with a USB-C one -- and it apparently works.

Well, it's a bit more complicated to swap out ports than it would be on say a Fairphone, but it's not impossible either. The student, Kenny Pillonel, says that he reverse-engineered Apple's C94 connector to build a physical connector board (PCB) that supported USB-C. After that, he removed the Lightning connector from the iPhone X in question and replaced it with a USB-C female port. After that, the iPhone X was apparently able to be charged and transfer data with a USB-C port, just like any Android phone you can find on the market today.

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With big players like Sony and EA skipping this year’s show, it was inevitable that there were going to be plenty of MIA games. Outside of the usual suspects, there was a slew of games we desperately wanted to see but that just didn’t make the cut. Regardless of whether these games (and one console) are stuck in development hell, delayed because of COVID-19, don’t actually exist, or are just waiting for a different day in the sun, here is a list of some of the biggest missing names from E3 2021.
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