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We really didn’t expect these two new contraptions from LG

LG’s long list of tech goodies has just grown even longer after it unveiled a couple of contraptions for shoes and sneakers.

Already well known for its TVs, washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators and [insert tech product of your choice here, LG probably makes it], the company now has shoes firmly in its sights.

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First up is the LG Styler ShoeCase, a new storage solution ideal for those who like to flaunt their footwear when it’s off their feet as well as on.

The Styler ShoeCase features a glass front and protects whatever you put inside from humidity and fabric-discoloring UV light, according to the Korean tech giant.

The box has a modular design, too, making it possible to place up to four cases on top of one another, allowing you to build out quite a collection — perfect if you have a touch of the Imelda Marcos about you.

Best of all, though, is that the ShoeCase includes a 360-degree rotating turntable, a snazzy feature that will make your favorite footwear feel exceedingly special (if footwear have feelings). It’s a chance to impress visiting guests, too, so long as the footwear in the spotlight isn’t your beat-up pair of work shoes that really should’ve been trashed years ago, that is.

Next, we have the Styler ShoeCare appliance, which appears to be a smaller version of the Styler that LG unveiled three years ago to keep your clothes clean and free from wrinkles.

Like the Styler, LG’s new Styler ShoeCare also features the company’s TrueStream technology. This apparently takes care of 99.9% of all the germs, bacteria, and other grime that like to live on clothing.

With footwear of a funky nature well and truly in the crosshairs, LG’s ShoeCare product uses a Zeo-Dry filter exhibiting the absorbent properties of zeolite to soak up moisture and eliminate nasty odors.

In further efforts to tackle challenging smells, the Styler ShoeCare deploys technology involving what LG describes as “moving nozzles” that work some magic to help return your shoes to a state where you won’t need to hold your nose if you bring them close to your face.

The entire process can refresh up to four pairs of shoes in just 37 minutes while operating at 35 decibels, which, according to this particular noise chart, is quieter than a quiet library though slightly louder than a whisper.

And for those who are keen to know exactly what their shoes are up to when in the care of the ShoeCase and ShoeCare, LG’s ThinQ app lets you remotely control and monitor the machines as they do their stuff.

“LG’s new Styler ShoeCase and ShoeCare form a total shoe care solution for hygienically cleansing, storing, and displaying one’s footwear,” said LG executive Lyu Jae-cheol. “Utilizing our latest technologies and offering convenient control and design, these groundbreaking products are ideal for consumers looking for a better, more enjoyable way to manage their shoe collection.”

LG has yet to say anything about pricing and availability. We’ll update this article once we know more.

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