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LG debuts two new CineBeam 4K HDR projectors

LG has unveiled its two most advanced projectors to date. The LG CineBeam HU715Q and HU710P both feature 4K resolution and HDR capabilities with 2,000,000:1 contrast ratios. Both models will be available in the first quarter of 2022, and LG released pricing on February 28.

The HU710P will retail at $2,500. It uses a hybrid laser-LED light source, which LG says doesn’t require a color wheel, and can generate up to 2,000 lumens of brightness. The HU715Q, which is a larger, ultra short throw model, uses just laser light and produces up to 2,500 lumens. Both projectors will work in most indoor settings, but LG says they can also be enjoyed outside, after sunset.

LG CineBeam HU715Q and HU710P 4K HDR projectors.

The HU710P offers greater flexibility in terms of image size, with a range that spans from 40-300 inches. But as a conventional front-firing projector, you’ll need more distance from the projector to the display surface: About 9.5 feet for a 100-inch image. However, unlike other front-firing projectors, the HU710P possesses a high degree of keystone correction, which lets you place the projector considerably off-angle from a dead-center position. The HU715Q is more space-efficient, letting you project an image at 80 to 120 inches in size, from a distance of about 8.5 inches, making it suitable as a direct TV replacement. It also costs $500 more, weighing in at $3,000.

Both models have a claimed light source life of 20,000 hours, which LG says is four times the longevity of a standard projector bulb. They’re powered by LG’s WebOS software and are equipped with Apple’s AirPlay 2 and HomeKit technologies. With dynamic tone mapping and Filmmaker Mode, both units should be a good choice for movies — in fact, LG says that they were “specifically designed for movie lovers and the residential home market.” But LG hasn’t given us any specs for the features that gamers will care about, like variable refresh rate (VRR), auto low-latency mode (ALLM), or 4K gaming at 120Hz.

Each projector has three HDMI ports (one with HDMI eARC) and two USB 2.0 ports. The higher-end HU715Q also sports a set of built-in quad woofers with support for 2.2-channel stereo sound at 40 watts. You can upgrade that to surround sound when you connect the projector to one or two Bluetooth speakers. For its part, the HU710P has a set of 10-watt stereo speakers.

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