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LG’s latest portable CineBeam Projector now available for $600

LG today announced that its CineBeam Smart Portable Projector is now available from the company’s website. The model number is PF510Q, and it runs $600 retail.

A family watching the LG CineBeam Portable Projector.
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This is a Full HD projector that tops out at 1080p resolution, with brightness at just 450 ANSI lumens. The LED light source is rated for up to 30,000 hours, and the projector has a built-in 5-watt mono speaker and supports Bluetooth, so you can send audio to a separate system if you want.

As you’d expect from a portable projector, it’s pretty lightweight at just 2 pounds. It’s meant to be used to project images as small as 30 inches diagonally, all the way up to 120 inches. It’s got automatic adjustments for keystone alignment, too, so you shouldn’t have to spend any time dialing in the picture on your own.

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The projector is running LG’s webOS-based operating system, which means it has access to a large number of apps, including all the major streaming services, like YouTube, Apple TV+, Netflix, Disney+ and more. It also has Apple’s AirPlay 2 and HomeKit built in, and it’s simple to share video from Android devices as well.

It’s not meant to be the One Projector to Rule Them All; instead it’s the sort of thing LG imagines you could carry from a kid’s room to a playroom, or maybe even on the road in a business setting, without all that much in the way of setup as you go from place to place.

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