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Samsung Freestyle portable projector to ship by February 8

Announced at CES 2022, the Samsung Freestyle portable projector is prepared to ship by February 8, according to Samsung’s website. The $900 projector also is available for pre-order at Amazon , with availability listed for February 14.

Ordering from Samsung will get you a free carrying case.

Samsung Freestyle projector.

With product portability quickly becoming the norm, portable projectors are on the rise and Samsung is looking for innovation to stand out. The Freestyle is a 180-degree vertically adjustable projector with an image size varying from 30 inches to 100 inches at a 1080p Full HD resolution with real-time scaling and screen adjustment.

Samsung did not design this projector to hang endlessly in a basement theater or to have a fixed place in your living room, but instead to be brought along to parties and used around the house or workplace as a tool rather than a fixture.

At under 2 pounds, this is a projector that will feel like it wants to come with you. The Freestyle will automatically focus and level, and even color correct, depending on the surface to be projected on, allowing for simplicity when changing locations. It has built-in speakers for 360-degree sound so you won’t have to bring along your Bluetooth speaker (although it is compatible). You can also talk to the Freestyle, if that is your thing, and control it via Alexa and other smart voice assistants.

The Freestyle uses Samsung’s Tizen OS, featured on its Smart TVs, for access to hours of entertainment. This is an ideal projector for your yearly Halloween party, to stream Disney+ with your kids, or to use for multimedia art performances.

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