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LG’s CineBeam PH30N is a portable projector that fits in the palm of your hand

LG expanded its portable projector lineup with its ultra-small CineBeam projector. With built-in sound as well as Bluetooth out, the CineBeam PH30N is a remarkably compact portable projector that’s designed to turn any clear wall into a movie screen.

LG is marketing the CineBeam PH30N as a device so small, there are few bags it won’t fit into. Its total footprint is a minuscule 5 inches long, by 5 inches wide, by 1.5 inches tall, packaged into a final weight of just 1.1 pounds. It promises HD resolution (just 720p) and a brightness of 250 lumens. Although there are opportunities to use such a device around the house, the emphasis on pack-ability points to uses beyond.

The CineBeam PH30N projector has a built-in battery that LG rates for up to two hours. Though not quite enough for many popular full-length movies, it might be enough for a bit of entertainment around a campsite. The projector can connect to a smartphone with wireless mirroring, and can attach to a Bluetooth audio device for higher quality sound than can be produced with the small speaker on the PH30N itself. Video, photo, and music files can be loaded directly to the projector through USB.

Despite its small size, when placed 10.8 feet from a wall or screen, the CineBeam PH30N will provide a 100-inch diagonal image that LG states will be clear and vivid. When compared to other portable projectors of similar size and weight, the claim of 100 inches is remarkable. Speaking of the projected image, LG rates the lamp in the CineBeam to last up to 30,000 hours, or 10 years of use at 8 hours a day.

The CineBeam PH30N is positioned as a bit more affordable than LG’s other portable projector, the PH550, at $399. For a $50 savings, the PH30N is smaller and therefore more transportable, but it comes at the cost of 30 minutes of battery life among other small differences. For one, the PH30N is smaller than the PH550, so balancing battery life with levels of portability is something to consider.

If a portable projector interests you, we recommend taking a look at both these products (as well as our list of other projectors available) to determine what is best for your specific use.

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