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Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2: Where to find all the alien plushies

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 is here, and it’s a punch straight in the nostalgia gut. In it, you’ll be skating around and maximizing your combos, of course, but there are also a handful of collectibles to get your hands on in most levels. One type of collectible is the alien plushy, and they’re cleverly hidden in the most obscure locations around each stage. They’re not easy to find, but we’ve got the locations of all 19 alien plushies in this guide — along with detailed videos to help you find each one.

Finding all 19 will get you access to the coveted Roswell Alien character, who looks absolutely bonkers doing tricks on a half-pipe — but that’s what makes him so cool. We’ll also walk you through getting your hands on Roswell after you’ve collected all the plushies because the game doesn’t make it obvious.

Keep in mind that you can quit each mission after collecting the alien plushy, and you’ll still gain credit for it. Also, you’ll need to get 100% of all objectives on each level of Pro Skater 2 in order to unlock the final Skate Heaven stage. Luckily, you can use the in-game modifiers to do so, which makes things a lot easier (this negates trophies and achievements, though). All of that said, here’s where to find all the alien plushies in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2.

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The first plushy is located in the back-left corner of the bottom section of the Warehouse. Ride down the ramp at the beginning, turn left, and make your way up the half-pipe and then up a second half-pipe. The alien is at the top of the second half-pipe in the back-right corner.


For the School level, drop down and to the right of the green roof you start out on, and head behind you toward a grassy area. Jump up on the grass, and you’ll find the next alien plushy in the corner on the left near the brick walls.


Next up is the Mall level, and this plushy is found on the bottom level by some stairs. Start by heading down to the main floor, past the escalator, and stick to the left side. Keep going, and you’ll eventually come to a ramp that leads down to the floor below you. Take this ramp, and when you get to the bottom, turn right, and you’ll see the alien in a dark corner next to the stairs.

Skate Park

As soon as you start out in Skate Park, turn around and head to the back of the room where you’ll see a red quarter-pipe close to a large screen. Use this quarter-pipe to get up to the level above. Once you do, look to your left, and you’ll see yet another area above you, so wall-ride and jump up to get there. You might need to increase your stats to allow you to jump high enough to reach this area. You’ll find the alien at the top, in front of a large beam.


Next up is Downtown, and the alien on this level is somewhat of a pain to get to. As soon as you start, turn around and hit the ramp to get up to the street above a garage. Then turn left, and head up the ramp that leads to a window, which you can break through. Make sure you jump at the end of the ramp so you can make it up through the window. From here, follow the path across the little sky bridge and up to a large bowl-like area with several half-pipes.

From the ramp you used to get up to this area, head to the right corner where you’ll see some trash bags lying on the ground. Hit the ramp behind it very slowly so you can land on the small, pointed platform behind it. If you hit the ramp too hard, you’ll launch off the building. Once you land on the little platform, turn around, and you’ll see the alien behind you. It might take you a few tries to land on this platform, so use the video above as reference.

Downhill Jam

This is probably the easiest plushy to find. Simply turn around at the start, and you’ll see the alien in the far corner on the right, hidden in plain sight.


For this plushy, you’ll need to follow the path at the beginning to find a gray and white beam next to a concrete quarter-pipe. It’s close to the orange barricades you can grind on. Use this quarter-pipe to launch yourself up to the beam above, where you’ll find the plushy. You should try to even out by pressing RT on Xbox One or R2 on PS4 — otherwise, you’ll likely have trouble landing on the platform.


The next plushy is located in the Streets level. Head down the steep incline and cross the street, across from Margo’s Diner. Then, skate right into its parking lot, and you’ll be able to hit a ramp that will launch you onto the roof of the diner. When you land, look to your left, and you’ll see the plushy leaning against a short wall.


The last level of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 is Roswell, so head down the ramp at the beginning and make a left, through the automatic doors that lead to a restricted area and a large bowl. Launch up to the platform above, and you’ll find the alien plushy on the right side, leaning against a wall by the entrance.

The Hangar

Kicking things off with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 is The Hangar, where you’ll find the next plushy in a secret area. Head down the ramp at the start and go into the room on the left by breaking the glass. Here, you’ll see a helicopter. Ramp up to it and grind on the propeller to open up the secret area to the left. A large door leading outside will begin to open. Once it’s open, head outside and to the left, where you’ll see the next plushy in the corner by the fence.

School II

The plushy in School II is a little tricky to get to, but we’ll show you what you need to do. First, head through the path on the right that leads to an open courtyard area. This path will contain a rail and the letter “S,” which you can grab now or later. Before the end of the path, wall-ride the wall on the left and jump up to grind on the platform above.

Then, jump up to the green roof ahead, making sure not to overshoot it — otherwise, you’ll clear the roof. Next, turn left and follow the roof until you get to a spot with some windows on your left. Here, you’ll find the alien on the ground in the corner.


To find this plushy, you’ll need to access the secret area in Marseille. From the start, head to the left, toward a grassy area with some trees. You’ll see a large pole that’s being held up by a piece of wood. Crash into the wood, and the pole will come down and break the wall that leads to the secret area. Head through this newly opened path, and you’ll be transported to a circular room.

Head down the ramp and go to the left slightly, where you’ll see a small ramp that leads to an archway and a gap by some orange cones. Head up the little ramp, and you’ll find the alien plushy in the leftmost corner.

NY City

To find the plushy at the NY City level, jump down to the lower platform by the Upper Bank. You’ll land in an area with a massive sculpture. Then, turn around, and go behind the concrete ramp with grass on top of it. Leaning against this ramp is the alien plushy.

Venice Beach

Start by going left immediately and down to the bowl-like area with graffiti all over the walls. Launch yourself up on the back-right corner. If done correctly, you’ll land on the small walkway behind it. Be careful not to veer off to the left too much, because you’ll end up in the sand and have to restart.

Once you land on the wooden walkway, turn around and head back the way you came. The alien will be on the ground in the corner between the half-pipe you jumped from and the building next to it.


The next level, Skatestreet, requires you to unlock the secret area to find its plushy. To do so, head down the ramp and up the tall half-pipe ahead. At the top, immediately begin grinding to your left. Grind ahead, jump the gap, and continue grinding on the rail. This will unlock the secret area.

When you drop down from the rail, head to the right, and you’ll see a newly opened path that leads outside. Go here and turn to your right, where you’ll see a couple of quarter-pipes. The alien plushy is above these pipes on a platform, so use the quarter-pipe on the right to get up there. If you reference the video, you can see that we didn’t even need to land on the platform. Hit the ramp at the right angle and steer to the right to grab the plushy in mid-air.


As with most levels in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2, you’ll need to go to the secret area to find the plushy in Philadelphia. From the start, go to the left and then head down to the lower level, where you’ll find a ramp with a blue rail. Grind up the rail, and you’ll see the letter “T” above it. Keep going, and then jump to the next rail that leads to a pole on the sidewalk. Once you do, it will fall on the fence across the street and break open the path to the secret area right next to it.

Go into this dark area and head to the right, toward the half-pipe in the back. Behind a set of stairs is the alien plushy.

The Bullring

Jump down and head to the right, toward the lower area with the bull. Use the red ramp to jump up to the platform above. Be careful you don’t land in the stands because it’ll send you back to the start if you do. Once you land, follow the path past the orange ramp with the bird on it. Just past it is the alien on the ground to the left, leaning against the short wall. It’s right across from an exit sign.

Chopper Drop

You unlock the Chopper Drop level by completing every other level thus far. Jump out of the chopper, and head to the left, up to the shorter quarter-pipe. At the top, you’ll see a small platform with a barricade and the alien plushy in the back-right corner.

Skate Heaven

As mentioned above, you need to have gotten all objectives on every level in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 to unlock Skate Heaven. That means all objectives and a gold medal on the competitions are needed before this will unlock. Once you have access to it, there are a couple of things you need to do before finding the final plushy.

The level will throw you into a weird, fantastical space, full of neon colors and a volcano. First, head straight, past the neon half-pipes, and make a left toward the signs that read, “Bones.” Ahead of the sign is a roof with a neon rail in front of it. You need to grind on this rail to the left in order to get the volcano to start erupting. Use the video above for reference. Once you’ve gotten a notification that reads, “Time 2 feed the volcano,” drop down, and head up toward the Mount Rushmore sculpture in the distance.

You’ll pass a couple of neon rails and eventually come to a ramp that you can use to jump into the volcano. That’s right — we’re going in. The jump is really hard to make, and you’ll need to perform the Boneless move at the top of the ramp to make it. A Boneless is performed by pressing X and Up on PS4, and A and Up on Xbox One. This should give you the extra boost you need to make it into the volcano. If you’re still having trouble, you can use the giant skater mod to make the jump easier.

When you arrive, head to the left, and you’ll see a half-pipe next to a cliff. Go around to the backside of it, and you’ll find the plushy leaning against it. Make sure you don’t fall off the ledge next to it.

How to equip Roswell Alien

Congratulations! You’ve found all 19 alien plushies, which means you’ve unlocked Roswell Alien. To gain access to him, you need to claim the challenge in the Challenges tab of the Main Menu. Press Triangle on PS4 or X on Xbox One to claim the challenge, and then you’ll get a notification that Roswell Alien has been unlocked. Then, press Triangle at the main screen to select the character.

Roswell will have max stats, so he’s a great character to use if you haven’t fully leveled up your main character. Plus, he looks awesome with his huge head and colorful alien-themed board.

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