Trine 2 Trailer Debuts

trine 2 trailer debuts

The original Trine was a side-scrolling platformer with a puzzle element that put you in the role of three characters fighting an undead army in a ruined kingdom.  It became an instant success, and a sequel is now officially on the way.

Following the death of the king- who died without naming an heir- an attack has forced the people of the kingdom to flee. Three people- a thief, a knight, and a wizard- meet by chance at a magical location in the abandoned kingdom, called the Astral Academy. The three meet in the treasure chamber of the Academy and all touch an artifact called the Trine at the same time, which fuses their souls, and allows them to have only one physical presence at a time that they can switch between at will.

In other words, the Trine becomes a gameplay mechanic that allows players to switch skill types at while. The original was originally released on the PC on July 3, 2009, then on the PlayStation Network on October 22, 2009 in North America. An Xbox Live version is currently being developed, but for fans looking for more Trine, a sequel is underway. No word yet on the release date, but check out the trailer below, and expect to hear more on this sequel when more info is released.