Battlefield 4 kicks off a 20-hour trial on PS3 for PlayStation Plus members

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The coals from your Memorial Day barbecue may be cold, but DICE wants you to keep the spirit of jingoism alive a little longer. Starting today, North American PlayStation 3 owners with a PS Plus membership are able to download a free trial of the studio’s modern military shooter Battlefield 4. This special trial version contains the complete base game, campaign and multiplayer both, playable for 20 hours from when you first load it up.

While generally well-receivedBattlefield 4‘s multiplayer was plagued by bugs that, combined with an underwhelming single player campaign, may have turned off potential players around launch. Now that those glitches have been largely ironed out through patches and the gameplay has been expanded with a few rounds of DLC, DICE is no doubt hoping to lure in skeptics for a second look with the free trial. 

Getting yourself set up is easy, provided you’re a PS Plus member. Just fire up your PS3, head to the PlayStation Store, and download Battlefield 4. The 20-hour trial kicks in as soon as you launch the game. The timer’s only running when you’re playing the game, so there’s no need to plan a day-long Battlefield binge. Unless that’s something you want to do, of course.