Tune in to a Dragon Age: Inquisition livestream with the developers today at 1pm EST

tune dragon age inquisition livestream developers today 1pm est dai sept 29 5 wm

BioWare and Electronic Arts have invited fans to join them for a livestream of Dragon Age: Insquisition today at 1pm EST on the BioWare Twitch channel. The developers will share a first look at some new features and gameplay of their upcoming RPG.

The stream will include a close look at the character creation tool, with fans and developers working together to develop an inquisitor. You will also be taken to a previously unseen region for a live gameplay demonstration of another of Thedas’ massive environments where your adventure will take place. Creative director Mike Laidlaw and producer Cameron Lee will be running the show, answering questions from viewers live over the course of the stream.

The stream starts at 1pm EST but you can watch it right here: