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Turtle Beach unveils new high-end and entry-level headsets at E3 2017

turtle beach stealth 700
Turtle Beach has detailed several new gaming headsets set to release this year for use with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In addition to some high-end peripherals, the company also unveiled a couple of more cost-effective options for gamers looking for crystal clear communication on a budget.

Heading up the selection are some new additions to Turtle Beach’s Stealth line. The Stealth 600 and 700 series headsets boast powerful 50mm over-ear speaker to immerse player in the action, and include a new flip-up version of the company’s highly praised high-sensitivity microphone.

Both the Stealth 600 and 700 are outfitted with Turtle Beach’s ProSpecs glasses-friendly design, as well as the Superhuman Hearing setting, which allows users to gain an advantage over the competition by picking up minor audio cues.

The Xbox One versions of the two headsets are said to be the first retail peripherals to utilize Microsoft’s new Xbox Wireless technology, which allows them to connect directly to the system in the same way as a controller. The PlayStation 4 version of the Stealth 700 takes advantage of DTS Headphone:X technology to provide 7.1 channel surround sound, while the 600 series headset uses Turtle Beach Virtual Surround Sound.

The Stealth 600 series is priced from $100, while the 700 series starts at $150, and both headsets are set to be available at retail from September 2017.

Meanwhile, Turtle Beach is prepping two midrange successors to its XO Four Stealth headset: the XO Three for the Xbox One and the Recon 150 for the PlayStation 4. Both feature 50mm speakers and the company’s proprietary microphone, as well as an ergonomic, hard-wearing design. The XO Three and the Recon 150 are scheduled to launch in June for $70.

Finally, there’s the Recon Chat, an inexpensive option intended for gamers who are simply looking to replace the stock headset that came with their console. Its open-ear cup allows users to hear their TV’s audio output while teammates communicate via the headset, and it also uses Turtle Beach’s high-sensitivity microphone to relay messages with clarity. The Recon Chat headset connects to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers via a 3.5mm jack, and is available now for $20.

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