Ubisoft to launch Uplay Passport, games will require a code for online play

e3 2011 best of driver san francisco 2

Ubisoft will soon launch Uplay Passport, a new initiative connected to the publisher’s catalog-spanning game network that will require users to enter in a code provided with retail purchases of a title in order to access any online play features. If you’re familiar with Electronic Arts‘ Online Pass or Sony‘s upcoming PSN Pass, this is that.

The news first emerged in an unsourced report from GamerZines, but later got official confirmation from Ubi in a statement to Gamasutra. The company said that Uplay Passport will “provide players with access to bonus content, exclusive offers, and online multiplayer play” for “many of Ubisoft’s popular core games.” Driver: San Francisco, which is out this August, will be one of the first (if not THE first) to add this feature. Those who purchase Uplay Passport-enabled games as used items will be able to buy a code for $9.99.

No surprise here. As long as games keep getting released on some form of physical media, there is going to be a reseller’s market. Better to accept that and work around it, as Uplay does by monetizing the online features of a game in a way that doesn’t impact factory-fresh purchases.