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Ubisoft launches urban battle royale game Hyper Scape

The battle royale market just got a bit bigger, thanks to developer Ubisoft.

After plenty of speculation on Twitter and elsewhere, Ubisoft finally launched Hyper Scape on Thursday. The game, which was revealed in a Twitch stream that has attracted more than 350,000 viewers, is an urban battle royale title set in a futuristic world. It allows for up to 100 players to simultaneously play on a map called Neo-Arcadia.

Details are scant, and the game is still in technical testing, which means it’s a long way from done, but Ubisoft is allowing players to try it out starting on Thursday by dropping access keys into its live Twitch stream. Ubisoft hasn’t said how many players will be allowed in during the technical test period.

This story is developing.

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