Wii U Deluxe bundle loses Nintendo Land, adds DLC-enhanced New Super Mario Bros. U

Wii U Deluxe pre-orders sell out

Nintendo’s “Deluxe” bundle for the Wii U is losing its pack-in game Nintendo Land and instead getting a slightly more popular item: New Super Mario Bros. U, along with its recently released standalone expansion, New Super Luigi U. All hail the green-hatted one in this, our year of Luigi.

The newly re-tooled bundle, which also includes a Wii U console with a 32GB internal storage capacity, still carries the $299 price tag that it settled into after a late-August price drop. It’s a better value though; Nintendo Land was just one game, but New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Luigi U are two games.  Math, people. Our elementary school teachers were right about it coming in handy later in life. Sure, they’re both on the same disc and they’re both very similar games, with the second one built on the foundation of the first. But you’re not going to complain about it, are you? After all, free stuff!

The revised Wii U Deluxe bundle arrives in stores on November 1, kicking off a 30-day period that shows all indications of being a very light month for gaming. On the same day, Nintendo Land will be available in stores for the newly lowered price of $30.