Wii U update brings GamePad Quick Start

Wii U

A newly-released system update to Nintendo’s Wii U brings, among other features, a brand new Quick Start menu for the GamePad controller. Booting up the controller will immediately display a list of your ten most recently-used games and apps so you can jump right in to your preferred diversion. It’s a handy feature that brings the Wii U in line with instant-on features available for the competing consoles.

Other features of the update include:

  • Improved user settings and selection experience.
  • System updates can now be downloaded and installed while the console is in standby.
  • Configurable alerts on the GamePad controller for updates, releases, and Nintendo promotions, even when the system is on standby.
  • Simpler Nintendo Network ID setup.

System Update 5.0.0 U is available now and will download automatically when the console is on and connected to the Internet.