The Wolf Among Us screens offer a peek at next week’s second episode

Telltale Games is all set to release Episode Two of The Wolf Among Us, the episodic series based on Bill Willingham’s Fables comic book series, on February 5. We’ve gathered together a handful of newly released screens that the studio’s been sharing on its official Twitter feed. None of these necessarily qualify as full-blown spoilers, but those that wish to stay completely in the dark probably shouldn’t be here.

Of course, those that wish to avoid spoilers probably didn’t click to check out this gallery in the first place.

You get peeks at Beast and Blackbeard, but the most exciting revelation for fans of the comic is the news that Jack Horner – hero of Jack & the Beanstalk, and star of the Jack of Fables spinoff series – will be making an appearance in Episode Two. It’s not clear how he factors into Bigby’s investigation, but it’s a safe bet that the grisly events of Episode One riled up the Fabletown community quite a bit. There are still many other fan-favorite characters we’ve yet to see, including everyone up at The Farm (Fabletown’s upstate New York satellite community, where non-human Fables dwell).

Gaze upon these screens as you steel yourself for more excitement starting on February 5.