Xbox Dashboard update on November 15?

At E3 this year, amid the massive stage show by Microsoft, one of the key points that it continually pushed was its Xbox dashboard, and the coming changes to it. We’ve already seen an upgrade to the ESPN app, and Hulu Plus is firmly entrenched as well. But there is plenty more to come, including new search features, more social network integration and more TV options. We know all that is coming, the only question is when.

According to an internal memo circulating throughout PayPal and obtained by Kotaku, the next upgrade for the dashboard will hit consoles on November 15—the tenth anniversary of the release of the original Xbox.

PayPal is already integrated into the Xbox payment system and has been since May, but the new update should highlight the partnership a bit more and offer more comprehensive payment options. As for the rest of the update, much of it will be dependent on the ongoing negotiations between Microsoft and several cable providers. If they can come to terms, the Xbox 360 may be able to replace your cable box.

If that isn’t your thing, then the Kinect controls will feature an update, the search features will be massive upgrade and the whole system will receive a shiny new look. Microsoft has yet to confirm the release date, and the PayPal memo isn’t exactly rock solid proof, but it makes sense to release the update on the tenth anniversary of the system. So barring future changes, expect a new look for the Xbox dashboard on November 15.

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