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March’s Xbox Games With Gold freebies arrive a day early

Xbox - March 2018 Games with Gold

The weather is finally starting to warm up again in most of the United States, and that means you get to go outside and explore nature … or you can sit in front of your television and check out March’s free Xbox Games Game Gold. You can actually start your lounging already, as Microsoft kicked off the month of freebies a day early. The selection Microsoft is offering is peculiar, to say the least, but it contains one of the most creative shooters of the generation.

From now until the end of March, Xbox One owners can claim and download Trials of the Blood Dragon, a bizarre mix of Ubisoft’s Trials series with the stand-alone title Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. It uses the 2D perspective of the former series, but with art direction, storytelling, and even the combat of Blood Dragon, resulting in one of the weirdest games we’ve ever seen. Critics didn’t go over the moon for the game, but fans of studio RedLynx should still find some fun in it.

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From March 16 through April 15, Xbox One owners can also grab the first-person masterpiece Superhot. A shooter with a twist — time only moves when you move — the game tests your strategy and planning far more than your reflexes, and the combat moves you can pull off to take out a room full of enemies are incredible. Its narrative, which is largely told through IRC chatroom logs, shouldn’t be ignored, either.

Xbox 360 players should keep their expectations slightly more in check. As with all recent Xbox 360 offerings, both games are playable on Xbox One, as well. From now through March 15, the Brave video game will be available for free. It features the bow action you see in the Disney film, and actress Kelly Macdonald returns to voice main character Merida. If you have Kinect for Xbox 360, you can play special minigames, as well.

From March 16 through the end of the month, Xbox 360 players can also grab Quantum Conundrum. A puzzle game designed by Kim Swift of Portal fame, it tasks you with rescuing your uncle by exploring his mansion — and messing with different dimensions along the way. Released in 2012, it will normally set you back $10.

Superhot is a great addition to the program, but we’re hoping Microsoft has something a little bit more exciting for April’s free games. Perhaps Forza Horizon 3 would be a good candidate?

Updated on February 28: Games With Gold March deals started early.

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