Xbox One game capture offers picture-in-picture commentary

xbox one game capture allows for lengthy clips picture in commentary upload studio

UPDATE: It turns out that Phil Harrison’s promise that gamers can record “as much or as little as they want” on Xbox One was taken out of context. That’s according to an update from Microsoft, via Game Informer, in which a spokesperson states that the Xbox One’s game DVR buffer only supports up to five minutes of footage.

ORIGINAL POST: The Xbox One’s game capture capabilities won’t place any limits on recording length, as Microsoft’s Phil Harrison confirmed during a talk at Eurogamer Expo (via VG24/7). Harrison revealed this detail as he showed off the November console’s “Upload Studio,” the app that powers game capture on the Xbox One, noting that gamers will be able to record “as much or as little as they want.”

Upload Studio also allows players to overlay recorded commentary on top of captured clips. Using the Kinect camera and built-in mic, players are able to record video of themselves commentating over the clip. The commentary then appears either side-by-side with the gameplay footage or in a picture-in-picture box. Upload Studio also includes privacy settings that allow player to keep a recording private, share it with friends, or make it publicly viewable.

The app appears to be “intuitive,” according to VG24/7, with transitions and other basic editing features looking “simple and easy to use.” We’ve reached out to Microsoft for additional clarification on Upload Studio and its features, and will update this post accordingly when we hear back.