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Xbox’s October Games with Gold brings overbearing dead kings and questionable comrades

xboxs october games gold brings overbearing dead kings questionable comrades chariot
Microsoft’s Major Nelson has shared the latest batch of free Games with Gold coming to Xbox Live subscribers in October 2014. Chariot debuts, replacing Super Time Force as the free game on Xbox One.

This new co-op platformer from Frima was developed under the ID@Xbox aegis. You are the daughter of a recently-deceased king who wishes to have his body transported to a worthy sepulcher. In practice this means that you will be doing a lot of 2D platforming while dragging around a wheeled cart that acts as a sort of mobile platform/vehicle for physics puzzling. It seems to involve a lot of rope. You can also bring your fiancé along for a co-op mode where the game really shines.

Xbox 360 owners will be treated to the fan-favorite squad-based first-person shooter Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for the first half of the month and the RPG Darksiders II for the latter half.

The new games will be available as free downloads for Xbox Live Gold subscribers starting on October 1 for Chariot and Bad Company 2, with Darksiders II tagging in for Battlefield on October 15.

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