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This smart case warns you when you forget your EpiPen

When you have a serious health condition, it’s key to have your medication with you along with an easy way to alert your loved ones if you’re having a medical emergency. Health company Aterica developed a smart EpiPen case called the Veta that not only reminds you to take your medication with you every day, but also alerts your loved ones when it has been removed and used during an emergency. The idea is to give both those who are at risk for anaphylaxis, including many with food allergies, as well as their family and friends greater peace of mind and an easy way to keep track of their EpiPens.

The smart case includes a battery pack that lasts as long as your EpiPen, so that you can replace both when the time comes. The different color caps on the case represent different doses of epinephrine for various weight levels and age ranges. The Bluetooth-connected case syncs up with your smart phone and alerts you when it appears that you’re about to leave your EpiPen behind. If you can’t find it, the app will help you search for it, too, making the case light up and beep. Sensors in the case monitor temperature shifts, so that the medication remains in ideal temperature conditions and doesn’t degrade or expire before its time.

The main draw of the connected case is really its ability to help users in emergency situations. When the case is opened and the pen is deployed, notifications are immediately sent to the EpiPen user’s support network and the case sounds an alarm. That way, your loved ones can check in on you and make sure you’re okay. The app also provides a video with instructions to help bystanders use the EpiPen if no medical professionals are in the vicinity. It’ll even point you to the nearest hospital, should you need medical attention afterward. Veta’s app runs on iPhone and Android, Wi-Fi enabled tablets, and iPods with Bluetooth Smart connectivity.

Although the app is free to download, you’ll need to pay for a subscription to cover the cost of the app’s support network. You ‘ll also have to continue buying your EpiPens separately. When you pre-order the Veta EpiPen case for $60, you get a 24-month subscription for free. If you have one case, the one-year subscription costs $25. If you have four or more cases, you’ll pay $48 a year.

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