Now you know when: Track your fertility with the Femometer smart thermometer

Although conception and pregnancy still isn’t as much of an exact science as anyone would like, there are some things we can do to make the process a bit easier. A new smart thermomemter called the Femometer tracks fertility, giving users a better chance to pick the right moment to give things a go.

Built into a compact, floral-colored package, the Femometer takes your Basal Body Temperature (BBT) and tracks it over time. This data, combined with the smart algorithms of the Femometer’s companion app, is able to give you a much better understanding of your cycle and therefore, your fertility.

Accurate to within 0.05 of a degree, thanks to the use of industry standard Omron temperature sensor, the Femometer is one of the most accurate BBT thermometers in the world. That makes it far better at predicting various parts of your monthly cycle.

A device like this is for more than just helping women who use it get pregnant, it’s about taking control of your body. For starters, as well as knowing when you have a good chance to get pregnant, it can also tell you when you have a low chance of conceiving, which would be useful in certain situations. Similarly, it tracks your cycle, so the thermometer can warn you of an impending period.

“There are also women that are genuinely curious about what’s happening with their body whether they’re trying to conceive or not,” the creators, Inner Circle Labs told us. “For these women, Femometer educates you on what’s happening with your body and empowers you to be in control.”

It’s all simple to use, too. All you have to do is pop the testing end under your tongue first thing in the morning and leave it there for about a minute. It will automatically sync up with the application on your phone, record all the data in the app, and analyze it there. After you’ve taken a few readings, the app will start to make predictions based on your unique biology.

You can further improve the accuracy of the data by manually inputting other information such as sexual activity, if you are taking contraception, and when — as well as if — you experience any cramps.

Currently finishing up its IndieGoGo campaign, the Femometer is more than funded, but there is still an opportunity to pre-purchase one now for $50, with an expected shipping date set for May this year.

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