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Fitbit has already shipped a million Versa smartwatches

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When Fitbit released its quarterly financial results at the start of May, its sales numbers showed slowing demand for the company’s products, with fewer devices sold at the start of 2018. Naturally, this made some investors nervous, as it looked like the fitness tracker manufacturer may have lost some of its appeal with consumers. It turns out, however, many buyers may have just been waiting for the release of the new Fitbit Versa, a smartwatch that appears to have mass appeal and just might be the next big hit among wearables.

In a press release published on Monday, June 4, Fitbit announced that the Versa has shipped more than 1 million units since it first went on sale on April 16. That makes the smartwatch the fastest selling wearable that Fitbit has ever made, and demonstrates that the company can offer a viable alternative to the Apple Watch, which is traditionally seen as the leader in the wearable market.

“With Fitbit Versa, we are delivering on our promise to offer a true mass appeal smartwatch with engaging new features. Fitbit CEO James Park said in the press release touting the sales numbers. “The positive response to Versa shows that we are filling this void and well positions us to gain share of the fast-growing smartwatch market.”

Fitbit’s first entry into the smartwatch market was the Ionic, which received positive reviews but wasn’t a big success with consumers. The Versa comes in at a more affordable price point ($200 instead of $300) and benefits from a larger selection of apps thanks to its predecessor already laying the groundwork. Both models offer battery life in excess of four days, which is superior to the Apple Watch, while also offering compatibility with the iPhone, Android devices, and even Windows phone.

Introducing Fitbit Versa

In the same press release announcing the sales numbers for the Versa, Fitbit also shared some numbers from its new female health tracking system, which was implemented in May. The feature was initially released for iOS and Windows, but has since expanded to Android. Over the first two weeks of its availability, more than 2.4 million users began using the service, which Fitbit says is meant to serve as a single repository for all health-related data for women using one of its devices. The system allows female athletes to track their cycle and record the impact it has on their performance while exercising.

For more information on the Fitbit Versa or any of the company’s other fitness trackers, visit the Fitbit website.

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