The Heddoko 3D smartwear app will help you nail that tough yoga pose

fix fitness form heddoko 3d smartwear garment shot 2
Where most smartwear tracks things like your pace, calories burned, and heart and breathing rates, a new company, Heddoko, is concentrating on another important aspect of proper training: form.

By taking motion-capture tech usually used in entertainment, Heddoko gear shows wearers their movements in real-time 3D. Embedded sensors in Heddoko smart pants and shirts capture the biomechanical raw data, convert it and send information about movement performance in real time to your desktop, phone, or tablet.

So what if you don’t have a coach to make sure your yoga pose is right? The Heddoko app provides immediate visual feedback, and the back-end AI shows data over time, protecting you from the possible injuries and strains by showing when you’re out of form. It’ll catch you if you’re cheating at those squats or push-ups.

“Not another glorified pedometer,” Heddoko is more like a virtual coaching team, helping you get the most out of training without having to pay actual people. Though the back-end system does show metrics like speed and accuracy, it also shows your chances of injuring yourself. The focus here is correct muscle memory, which is integral to optimal performance. And if you’re already injured, Heddoko smartwear can help with recovery by tracking motion during rehab to avoid making things worse. The line will be released by the end of the year, and they’re hoping to price it under $800. Sign up through the Heddoko website to get updates.

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