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GoPro captures insanely awesome bike ride over top of bridge

Before you watch the video, let us preface with, “absolutely do not try this at home.” If you want to see some of the world’s most insane tricks ever recorded, just head straight to GoPro’s YouTube site. The company recently posted an amazing video of a professional stuntman riding a motorbike not on a bridge’s road surface, but over the entire structure, on top of the cement arch – without any safety harnesses. The crazy-yet-awesome stunt – appropriately titled, “Epic Bridge Riding” – was recorded in an overhead shot, using a GoPro camera mounted on a pole that’s attached to the rider’s backpack; another camera was mounted on the side of the bike, near the front wheel, and another on the rider’s helmet.

The stuntman, part of the Stunt Freaks Team from Finland – an official GoPro partner – also performs a wheelie in the end, all the way across the bridge that spans a river. The video was shot with a GoPro Hero3+ camera, not one the newer GoPro Hero4 models. Still, the video isn’t really about the camera specs, but more about the stunt and what you can do with an action cam. But, unless you have a death wish, leave this kind of action to the pros.

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