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Levl pairs with your phone and tracks your level of fat burn through your breath

Fitness tracking technology has come a long way since the boom of mechanical pedometers. You can now track your sleeping, exercise, and eating habits with a device worn around the wrist, held in your hand, or clipped somewhere on your body. There’s even a gizmo that can count food calories by scanning your meal. Now one company is seeking to revolutionize weight loss goals with a device called Levl, which uses breath science to assist your daily decisions when it comes to diet and exercise.

“All it takes is one simple breath,” the company’s website reads. To achieve his goal, founder Brad Root assembled a team of entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, and fitness experts, which then spent five years developing the Levl device. They work under the Medamonitor company, a division of Seattle-based GM Nameplate, an international manufacturing corporation founded in the 1950s.

Levl is designed to detect trace amounts of acetone in your breath, a byproduct of human metabolism. Liz Josefsberg, Levl Health and Wellness expert, told Digital Trends all will be revealed next month at the product’s debut. Meanwhile, the website offers an explanation of the science: “When the body is burning fat for energy, it is in a state called ketosis. During ketosis, the body generates molecules called ketones, one of which is acetone. Because of its small size, acetone appears in our exhaled breath as an indicator of fat burn.”

Put simply, your body uses ketone molecules for energy when glucose reserves are low. By adjusting your diet and activity, you can train your body to focus on burning fat. The company states that “half a century of proven breath science research” went into the Levl device.

The Levl nanosensor provides instant feedback on your body’s acetone concentration. Armed with this information, you can make methodical, real-time choices about your food and fitness routine. Simply pair Levl to your phone and use the app to see your results and make adjustments to your health plans, based on insights you would normally visit a doctor or clinic to receive.

With Levl, you can track your progress without even stepping onto a scale. Speaking of which, body weight alone is not a very reliable indicator of health or fat loss. You can see a gain as you put on muscle, or a loss from dehydration. Measuring you level of activity provides greater accuracy.

The Levl device will be unveiled at CES in Las Vegas in January 2016.

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