New MotusPro tracking lab could change the way baseball players train

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Earlier this year, Digital Trends gave Motus Global a nod for mThrow, the motion sensing sleeve designed to prevent arm injuries and fatigue in pitchers. Today the company announced the launch of the next level of biomechanics tracker, the MotusPro full body mobile sensor setup for baseball.

Joe Nolan, CEO of MotusGlobal said, “MotusPro is a system born of the science from our lab, with performance, rehabilitative, and analytical insight capabilities unlike any other wearable in the sports space.”

Whereas the sleeve was limited to pitchers and drew attention for its ability to prevent Tommy John injuries with proper use, the MotusPro setup features sensors for feet, body, and hands. Six-axis wireless motion sensors fit into pockets in cleats, batting gloves, and a compression shirt and can communicate with via the web or with iOS mobile devices via Bluetooth. The sensor’s range of ± 24g’s and ± 4000 ⁰/s at 1000 Hz allows it to catch the highest throwing or batting speeds with millions of data points each.

The more comprehensive motion tracking capability makes the MotusPro system setup good for baseline performance for both pitchers and hitters, as well as therapeutic training programs for pitchers recovering from an injury.

Center Fielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates, Andrew McCutchen praised the Pro in a Motus release, “I’ve been working with Motus for the past few years at its biomechanics lab to gain better insights on the mechanics of my swing…The team at Motus includes metrics that are truly valuable to me and most baseball players in this product.”

Everyone wants real-time metrics these days, and that’s what MotusPro delivers. Coordinated movement of the body’s segments including stresses on joints, specifically the elbow and shoulder are covered by the lab’s physics engine. Stride length, bat speed, foot contact timing; the system captures all of these. Coaches and players have a wealth of information at their fingertips to interpret when to rest, when to push, and what to adjust for the best performance.

The MotusPro Dashboards shows summaries of the biomechanical data per-session. The web portal shows a higher level of detail than the mobile app, with more than 100 metrics and data graphs of 16 variables per movement. The sensors do have 80GB if storage for about a game’s worth of data.


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