Sports has a new silver bullet and it’s no beer (but it will keep you from smelling like one)

Silver Edge Gear bag

Rock defeats paper.

Kryptonite defeats Superman. 

Silver defeats bacteria.

Silver has for a few thousand years (give or take) been used for medicinal purposes, treating microbial infections long before people actually knew microbes caused infection. Basically, silver was the gold standard (ha!) until Alexander Fleming discovered antibiotics, and the same antibacterial properties helping it treat wounds also proved an effective preservative for water shipped over long distances in the days before refrigeration.

Silver Edge Gear silver bullet shin guard linerThese days, we can do a little better in just about every respect, but that doesn’t mean relegating silver to jewelry and assorted industrial uses. No, silver can serve our olfactory needs like a champ, as demonstrated by the folks at Silver Edge Gear. Using fabrics coated permanently in Ag (meaning it won’t come out in the wash), they’re able to stop the development of odor causing bacteria in all sorts of athletic gear. As for any stuff not tricked out in the fancy fibers, they have bags designed to keep the stinky stuff isolated from the clean, and all the offending smells inside. Whether you’re a weekend court warrior limping back to your couch or a parent with a van full of mini-Wayne Rooneys, you can drive home in peace, without the windows open.

Adding to the cleverness, Silver Edge Gear also manufactures items designed to attack frequent smell-offenders that can’t themselves be hit with the silver bullet: Shin guard liners for soccer and field hockey players, shoe inserts, and skull caps (so those in helmet sports can keep their lids fresh). Silver Edge notes the moisture wicking and thermal conductivity of its fabrics – great for keeping dry and soothing fatigued muscles – but will you even need to worry about those things when you’re busy smelling this good?

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