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Brian Kamenetzky

Brian Kamenetzky

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Brian Kamenetzky has worked in sports media for over a decade. He has covered the Los Angeles Lakers and Dodgers for ESPN, the LA Times, and Time Warner Cable Sportsnet, and is a regular presence on Southern California sports radio.

GoalControl Tivoli

GOAL! Wait, was that in? How tech will answer the question at the World Cup

Soccer is about to lose some of its time-honored ref heckling. For the first time ever, FIFA is employing advanced camera technology to detect goals within tiny fractions of an inch, taking the ambiguity out of the most important games in the world.
Paralympic gold medalist Alana Nichols

Paralympic skier Alana Nichols is chasing Sochi gold with carbon and Kevlar

olympic curling shutterstock 147098282

To crunch granite in Olympic-level curling, be prepared to crunch numbers

BMWs two_man bobsled racing at the Utah Olympic Park

How American athletes teamed with BMW engineers to craft the ultimate bobsled


How Shaun White and other Olympians are going for gold with GoPros

whats phone ryan nyquist

What’s on your phone, Ryan Nyquist?

ankelbot super therapeutic robot ankles anklebot mit feature

Anklebot is here to help the chronically sprained (after it teaches stroke victims to walk again)

whats phone ben scrivens

What’s on your phone, Ben Scrivens?

fitnessshirt brings instant feedback vital signs mentorbike

So, you’re saying your shirt doesn’t track fitness metrics and tell them to your bicycle?

3 d imaging might prevent pitching injuries lance lynn

New 3D motion system tries to save baseball pitchers from their worst enemy: Themselves

how tiny little lights helped the university of cincinnati to a concussion free fall football camp dynavision d2 demo

For University of Cincinnati football players, seeing tiny little lights means they don’t have a concussion

nba expands sportvu player tracking technology to all 30 teams finals

NBA levels the playing field by expanding SportVU player-tracking technology to all 30 teams


Technology solving the NFL’s concussion problem is a no-brainer, right? Not exactly …

Technology that can help with assessment and even diagnosis of concussions suffered by athletes is coming online, but the politics of implementation at the highest level remain challenging.
evo one and hoop tracker basketball

At this point if you can’t improve at basketball, you’re the problem

Dallas Cowboys stadium

‘FreeD’ brings 360-degree camera views to NBC football broadcasts this fall

Silver Edge Gear bag

Sports has a new silver bullet and it’s no beer (but it will keep you from smelling like one)

Google Glass Sam Bradford

Google Glass delivers a Sam Bradford-eye view of St. Louis Rams practice

94Fifty Basketball App

Your basketball game isn’t dumb, you just need a ‘smart’ ball

the seal take child safety tech out of pool and into triathlons anti drowning

The SEAL takes child safety tech out of the pool and into triathlons

are sideline brain scanners about to become a reality ct scans header

Are sideline brain scanners about to become a reality?

sportVu Lebron James Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers

Can cutting edge data analytics help the San Antonio Spurs stop the Miami Heat?

The future home of the San Francisco 49ers is getting a Sony-powered upgrade