Brian Kamenetzky

Brian Kamenetzky

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Brian Kamenetzky has worked in sports media for over a decade. He has covered the Los Angeles Lakers and Dodgers for ESPN, the LA Times, and Time Warner Cable Sportsnet, and is a regular presence on Southern California sports radio.

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GOAL! Wait, was that in? How tech will answer the question at the World Cup

Soccer is about to lose some of its time-honored ref heckling. For the first time ever, FIFA is employing advanced camera technology to detect goals within tiny fractions of an inch, taking the ambiguity out of the most important games in…
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Paralympic skier Alana Nichols is chasing Sochi gold with carbon and Kevlar

When Paralympian Alana Nichols competes in Sochi next week, she won’t be wearing boots or bindings – just a bucket. And the extensive custom design that went into her rig, built from carbon fiber, Kevlar, and a few secret ingredients…
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To crunch granite in Olympic-level curling, be prepared to crunch numbers

On the surface, curling is just pushing a rock down some ice. But elevate it to the Olympic level, and the once-simple sport benefits from some interesting gadgetry and the dark, geeky art of data analytics.
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How American athletes teamed with BMW engineers to craft the ultimate bobsled

After more than 75 years without a gold medal, the American two-man bobsled team walks into Sochi with its best chances in years, thanks to a BMW-designed sled that probably puts the aerodynamics of your sports car to shame.

How Shaun White and other Olympians are going for gold with GoPros

GoPro cameras have gone from a staple of amateur YouTube stars to a real tool for elite athletes, who are using them to refine their techniques at the Olympic level.
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What’s on your phone, Ryan Nyquist?

A four-time X Games champion in the Dirt and Park disciplines, Ryan Nyquist is a BMX legend known for both trick innovation and old school guts. These days, though, his biggest trick is distracting his kids with a well-curated folder of…