Google Glass delivers a Sam Bradford-eye view of St. Louis Rams practice

Google Glass Sam Bradford

NFL teams are known for doing anything the rules allow (and a few things they don’t) in an effort to gain an edge, and they’re certainly not afraid of experimenting with new technology.

That includes the St. Louis Rams, who recently gave Google Glass – the semi-sci-fi, still slightly confusing eyewear – a test run for ESPN. Quarterback Sam Bradford teamed with this year’s first round pick, wide receiver Tavon Austin, to test potential applications for the device at the NFL level. As you see in the video below, both are initially skeptical, politely playing along as the cameras roll. But both recognize potential utility, particularly for the quarterback.

Figuring out what a QB saw on the field, and just as important, what he should have seen, is no easy task, and football isn’t exactly the most GoPro friendly sport. Google Glass, with its POV camera set at eye level, could at some point down the road help solve that problem. Needless to say, fans would love to see exactly what players do, or even better, watch a game entirely through the eyes of a specific guy – an experience that Rams GM Les Snead immediately picks up on after seeing the footage. Whether or not Glass could be useful for players may be beside the point; the trend toward in-stadium technology that delivers unique viewing experiences to the fans is what make this hardware a killer app for the NFL.