Just $52 buys you these new Smart Scales for your bathroom, and a fitness band for your wrist

Pivotal Living has introduced the Smart Scale, a mobile-connected set of bathroom scales that’s being sold at a very attractive price — just $40. When similar models from Withings and Fitbit can cost in excess of $130, that’s a significant saving. Pivotal Living may not be a brand name that has the same level of familiarity as those two, but it’s no stranger to affordable gadgets.

We’ll come back to that after a closer look at the Smart Scale. Equipped with four load sensors, the scales will measure your weight — obviously — and then give a report that includes your body mass index, your basal metabolic rate, body fat percentage, and lean body mass data. All this is displayed on the scale’s own display, or in Pivotal Living’s accompanying app.

Data like this is essential to understand how your body is reacting to weight loss, or muscle gain, programs. It’s suitable for the entire family, due to being able to track up to 16 different profiles, while keeping the data private inside each app, rather than on the scale’s screen. The water resistant scales work up to 330 pounds/150kg, and take up only a small amount of space on your bathroom floor, thanks to a 12.8-inch footprint.

Pivotal Living hit the health tech scene this time last year, when it launched the Pivotal Living Band, an activity tracking wristband that costs $12. This price covered access to the Pivotal Living app for a year, making the band essentially free. Unsurprisingly, the band, the scales, and the app all work together, helping users live healthier (and more quantified) lives.

For just over $50, you can have a set of connected scales in your bathroom, and a fitness band on your wrist. Outside of importing Xiaomi’s connected scales and strapping on the Mi Band, there are few other companies offering such a competitively priced, complementary deal. The Smart Scale is available for pre-order now, and deliveries will start before mid-December.

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