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This Apple deal is still one of the best of Prime Day

It’s not uncommon to see a headline crowing the savings of a Prime Day deal, only to open it and find disappointment. This is not one of those headlines, and this is not one of those times.

Apple TV 4K — the best streaming hardware you can buy — remains at a steep discount, dropping the 32GB model down to nearly $100 total. The 64GB model isn’t far behind, showing a 35% drop.

Normally we’d tell folks to go ahead and spend the extra $20 for double the storage capacity. That means twice as much room for apps and games and downloads. And while that definitely still applies (you’ll never wish you had less storage), $109 is simply too good to pass up, and we wouldn’t blame you at all for it. And, really, 32GB on Apple TV should be just fine. It’s not going to be doing a lot of offline use, if any.

An Apple TV 4K sits upright next to a remote on a table.
Phil Nickinson/Digital Trends

What makes Apple TV 4K our top pick? A few things, really. It’s easy to use, particularly if you’re already in the Apple ecosystem. Even if you’re an Android person — and I’ve got some experience here — you can still use Apple TV 4K just fine. Yes, you’ll miss out on some of the bells and whistles, like using your iPhone to type, or AirPlay (think Chromecast) for mirroring your devices or streaming things that just aren’t available for some reason via an app. But otherwise, you’ll get the same streaming apps you’ll find on any other platform.

For the Apple-centric folks, there’s also support for HomeKit, which is fine. And Apple TV 4K is an excellent accompaniment for Apple Fitness+, something I highly recommend you check out.

Plus this one comes with the upgraded (if not-quite-perfect) remote control, so there’s that.

And it’s hard to beat the lifespan of Apple TV 4K. (Nvidia Shield comes to mind, though.) It’s overpowered and supports all the tech specs, like Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. And we expect this 2021 model to be supported for a number of years to come. Put it this way: The 2017 model still works just fine.

It’s a tough device to beat on any day, but particularly on this day, at this price.

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