This space-age wireless speaker aims to blast your room with 360 degrees of audio awesome

Don’t go reaching for your mug — you won’t be getting any coffee out of this futuristic pod. But what you might get is spacious 360 – degree sound. The device above is no space station carafe, but a new wireless speaker that launched today on Kickstarter called the Archt One, which offers a specially-crafted driver system designed to disperse sound throughout the room in all directions.

Using its patented Sound Array driver chamber, Archt Audio claims the new Archt One is able to replicate the sonic signature of acoustic instruments, like guitars, allowing it to evenly distribute audio playback.

Inside the capsule, the Archt One faces a full range driver and a subwoofer head to head above and below the open chamber, sending the sound directly through the specialized array module. A passive radiator at the base of the system also helps to amplify the low frequencies to create a fuller sound, helping the speaker achieve a claimed frequency response of 52Hz-20kHz.

But the speaker also adds some impressive smart technology to go with its patented hardware, including DSP for sound optimization designed to “restore streaming audio quality,” as well as a custom audio app that uses the microphone in your smartphone to optimize the sound for your environment. The system is also multi-zone capable, allowing users to add more speakers ala Sonos, Bose, and other multi-room sound systems. Users can control the speaker through the app, or via touch sensors on the Sound Array.

Designed for audiophile sound reproduction, the Archt One is claimed to achieve high resolution playback of up to 24bit/192kHz over a Wi-Fi connection. The speaker also supports Airplay for Mac and iOS devices, and for those times when a Wi-Fi connection isn’t available, the speaker also sports Bluetooth connection, as well as Aux and USB connections.

While we’ve certainly seen our fair share of wireless speakers, the Archt One offers a multitude of features and performance enhancements that definitely make it stand apart. Thanks to its room optimization and patented sound technology, Archt Audio claims the speaker is able to produce the “immersive impact of a multi-speaker solution.”

Whether or not the little sonic rocket can truly provide a full sound solution from its slender frame remains to be seen, but the speaker’s brazen design and funhouse of features certainly make it an intriguing entry into the crowded field of competitors.

Of course, all that tech will cost you. The speaker is expected to retail for $599. However, at time of publication there were still around 70 speakers left at the Super Early Bird price of only $300. From there the price rises to $349, and up, including options for multiple speakers, and even a customized speaker in Rosso Corsa Red with a laser etched nameplate for $599. Speakers are expected to ship as early as January 2015.

So far the Archt One has raised around $32,000 of its $70,000 goal, with 43 days left to go. If you’d like to check out an Archt One for yourself, you can pledge at its Kickstarter page now.

[Updated 10/30/2014: This post was updated to adjust pricing]

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