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Beyerdynamic’s Custom Game headset has adjustable sound right on board

Beyerdynamic might be best known for its high-end audio gear but it also makes a few highly regarded gaming headsets. The company already unveiled one new headset recently in the second-generation MMX 300, but it also brought its latest addition to the Custom series, the Custom Game.

As the name implies, the Custom series of headphones are, well, customizable, allowing you to choose the ear pads, headband, cover rings, and side design cover. So far, the series has included the Custom One Pro, Custom Street, and Custom Studio. The Custom Game combines that level of individuality with the features gamers want out of a headset.

The Custom Game allows you to choose from four different audio profiles, easily accessed by a sound slider. This can drown out the background noise at loud LAN parties, making it easier to hear an enemy attempting to sneak up on you. Another setting makes it easier to hear voice chat, crucial for multiplayer games.

Hearing your teammates clearly is only one part of the equation, as they need to be able to hear you too. Beyerdynamic has included a professional-quality gooseneck microphone on the Custom Game, making sure that every word is transmitted as clearly as possible. The short distance of the mic on headsets can lead to pops and other unpleasant sounds, but here the included pop shield makes sure that isn’t a problem.

Finally, like the other models in the Custom series, Beyerdynamic worked hard to make sure the Custom Game headset is both comfortable and long-lasting. An adjustable spring steel headband and flexible fork joints make sure the headset fits securely, while some parts like the ear pads can be replaced, meaning you won’t have to toss the headset in a year or two.

The Custom Game will be available via the Beyerdynamic website beginning in February, retailing for 199 Euros (about $208).

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