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This conceptual mouse has a crazy idea for storing your games

PC gamers know that storing or moving around with their favorite games can be a challenge. That’s because portable solid-state drives or external hard drives can be quite expensive. XPG, a provider of gaming accessories and systems, looks to make doing so easier with a crazy concept that combines two things in one: A gaming mouse and a built-in SSD.

The XPG Vault concept is one of many products that XPG expects to showcase at the 2022 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES.) It was detailed at the tail end of a press release and seems pretty promising, though specifics on how the wired gaming mouse works are scarce.

According to XPG, the wired USB-C  mouse can be “your gaming library in the palm of your hand.” The company says the current prototype mouse can integrate with up to 1TB of solid-state memory running at 985 megabytes per second. As for how the data in the SSD in the mouse is transferred between mouse and computer,  there’s Gaming Launcher software that can be used on your PC.

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Seen on the right in the image above, the design of the conceptual mouse is pretty comparable to the industry standard. There’s a standard black finish and a scroll wheel that’s accented with green and blue highlights. Even the XPG logo has the same color. XPG also plans to launch the Alpha series of new gaming mice (above left), which feature an ergonomic design and a high-performing optical sensor.

Other than the conceptual Vault gaming mouse, XPG hopes to launch some additional products at CES that should come to market in 2022. This includes PCIe Gen5x 4 solid-state drives and DDR5 DRAM. Other products include the XPG Cybercore, a new power supply unit, as well as the XPG Battlecruiser Pro tower PC chassis. A new gaming laptop, as well as two new Ultrabooks, are also planned for release.

CES is known for crazy conceptual ideas like this one. Though not really related to gaming, some of our favorite concepts from the past include the Brink Bionics Impulse Neuro-Controller, the Razer Project Brooklyn gaming chair, and a rollable smartphone.

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