BlueTube to ship handsome-but-pricey vacuum tube amp and speakers in mid-February

bluetube to ship handsome but pricey vacuum amp and speakers in mid february bluetube2

Whoa, check out this sound system from BlueTube. The hand-crafted, vacuum tube-armed integrated amplifier and accompanying speakers sport cabinetry constructed of ¾-inch-thick walnut and cherry wood, and are hand-rubbed and waxed before shipping. Belying the mass-production of the digital age, this system is prepared with care, and – as a side note – looks a bit like something a man who wears English Leather cologne might dig.

Still, there’s plenty here for the techno-saavy too. The Bluetooth-enabled system  features USB-charging for mobile devices, and a voice command setup so you can voice your choice, rather than scouring the room for the remote.

The exposed tubes on the Class A push-pull amp might be our favorite feature, giving off a glorious retro-glow that is sure to hypnotize any audiophile in the room – but don’t dismiss the two titanium full-range speakers, either. They’re certainly worthy-looking sidekicks

After launching a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the project, BlueTube has nearly doubled its original monetary goal and expects to offer the vacuum tube amp and two speakers as a set in mid-February.

Unfortunately, this is one of those products that just looks expensive. That’s why the $1,220 tag raised nary an eyebrow here at DT. A lack of shock and awe, however, doesn’t mean we can afford this suave system. Oh well, there’s always English Leather.