Canon Aims High-Def with New Camcorders

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After almost four years, Canon has updated its well-regarded XL H1 handheld camcorder model with two new cameras, the XH A1 and XH G1 high-definition camcorders, finally offering high-definition options for broadcasters, filmmakers, and cinematographers with price tags which, while substantial, at least aren’t astronomical.

The XH A1 and XH G1 both sport a 20x HD lens, optical stabilization, and frame rates of 60i, 24F, and 30F (and both can be optionally converted to 50i/60i PAL standards). Both cameras sport one-third inch 1440 by 1080 CCDs which capture video at 1080i resolution, and offer 2 image settings, including color gain, RGB independent gain, and a 6-axis matrix: settings (including personalized setups and functions) can be stored in the camera’s internal memory or moved between cameras using SD cards.

The “L” series lens sports a coating to reduce flare and ghosting, includes both flourite and ultra-low dispersion elements, and has a focal range of 32.5mm to 650mm (35mm equivalent)